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So. My middle kid is not neuro-typical. I’ve known this for a while now. He has been in early intervention since 24 months, and is now in developmental preschool four days a week. His real, big-deal eval with the developmental pediatrician will happen next month. Then we will finally have an official name for the way he interacts with the world.

Sample conversations. Having a dozen or so conversations like this per day makes me really roll my eyes at family members who insist that he is TOTES just like other kids.

Teacher: Good morning, Jack! How are you?

J: I’m Jack.

Teacher: That’s WHO you are. HOW are you?┬áCan you say ‘I’m fine”?

J: I’m a good boy.

Teacher: Oh, I know you are.


Me: The snow is melting. What happens to the snow when it melts?

J: We are going THIS way. (points)

Me: Yes, we are driving home. What happens to the snow when it melts?

J: We are not going to the gas station.

Me: Nope, driving home! What does the snow turn into when it melts?

J: It turn into ‘nowmans.


Me: Look at the sheep! What are the sheep doing?

J: The sheeps are over there.

Me: Yep. What are they doing over there?

J: Mommy, and Daddy, and baby sheeps.

Me. Yep. What are the sheep eating?

J: They eating food.

Me: What kind of food?

J: Good food.

ETA: 1/17/13- a better example:


What did you do at school today?

J: Because I said ‘hi’ to Isaiah.

What did Isaiah say?

J: And then I pick up toys.

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First post

New blog! My third. Tired of not being able to swear because of certain people from the long long ago who read mt old one.

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